Chapter 1019

Their utter dismay was reflected in their eyes. The same was true in the live broadcast. Team QPG’s fans were howling in disappointment, whereas the other team’s fans were cheering delightedly. “My dear, why don’t you surrender?” “There’s nothing they can do anymore. Sob… my favorite team is going to lose.” “Although Team QPG has Xyla and Alex, there’s no way they can fight Kassadin.” “Pity Team QPG… You guys look cool when you lose!” Xyla Quest and her teammates were completely unaware of those malicious comments. They could not see nor hear anything. Nevertheless, they could more or less guess the audience’s reaction to their disheartening performance. Yet, they did not have time to care about it. They had to focus on the game to win the match. “Their Kassadin is already level sixteen. I understand that they have a high chance of winning, but we’re not going to give up that easily, okay? Let’s make a miracle happen together,” encouraged Xyla while heading to the bottom l

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