Chapter 1018

Immediately afterward, the Mid Lane made another mistake. Team QPG was in a mess. No doubt, they lost the first game. Team IM defeated them in less than twenty minutes. Guilt washed over Xyla Quest as she stared at the huge and unsightly ‘DEFEATED’ on her computer screen. Sighing in disappointment, she turned to her teammates and apologized sincerely, “I’m sorry, guys… I’ll work harder in the next game…” Instead of getting mad over their failure, Alex beamed at Xyla encouragingly. “It’s okay, boss. Everyone makes mistakes. We’ll do better in the next game. No worries.” The others followed suit and comforted Xyla. The team’s kind understanding and warm encouragement made Xyla blushed in embarrassment. She vowed to make no mistake in the next game. Meanwhile, Team QPG’s disappointing performance had caused an uproar in the live broadcast: “Damn, what the hell just happened at the bottom and mid lane? The Jungler is the only one with a brain. Others are sh*t man!” “Didn

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