Chapter 1014

“There are many of them. Bring more people with you.” After saying that, the woman ended the call and painfully got up from the floor. Panting, she pointed at Xyla Quest’s face. “Don’t leave if you dare!” “Fine, I won’t.” Xyla wasn’t afraid at all. She grabbed Daisy Cox’s hand and walked over to the wall before leaning against it lazily. Xyla wanted to teach this woman a lesson today so that she wouldn’t bully other people next time. When one of Xyla’s bodyguards saw this, he quickly moved two chairs over and placed them in front of Xyla and Daisy. Xyla tugged at Daisy to sit down. The blonde lady, on the other hand, grabbed her phone tightly and leaned against the wall. “I’ll teach you how to be a decent human being today.” Xyla couldn’t be bothered. She didn’t even look at the blonde woman. Instead, she took her phone out and checked out the hot topics for the day on Weibo. *** After approximately ten minutes, a helicopter landed in front of the KFC’s entrance. Right after

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