Chapter 1013

The bodyguards behind the blonde woman also pulled out their guns in unison and pointed them in Daisy Cox’s direction… A huge battle was about to break out. Daisy, who was in the center of the possible gunfight, and the blonde lady both seemed calm. “If you’re a sensible person, get that piece of sh*t to apologize to me. Otherwise, I’ll kill you with my guns. You can’t afford to offend me,” the blonde lady said through gritted teeth. Xyla Quest brought her bodyguards to the entrance. That was when she witnessed the tense situation in front of her… However, Xyla wasn’t frantic. She directly waved at the bodyguards behind her. They, too, drew their guns out and pointed them at the blonde lady’s bodyguards. When customers in the KFC saw this, they fled… The employees, on the other hand, quickly called the cops. It was a very chaotic scene. When the blonde lady saw this happening, she still maintained her arrogance. She quickly turned to look at Xyla. “Who are you? If you’re sensi

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