Chapter 1006

The other three, respectively, were hit by bullets in the left shin, the right upper arm, and the left upper arm. Likewise, their wounds kept bleeding. Xyla Quest instantly used hemostatic items to stop the bleeding for all three of them. *** On the deck, the gun battle continued. Despite the hail of bullets around him, Stanley Batton stood still, calm as ever. Immediately after that, six more men dressed in black were shot in the heart mid-air. The bright red liquid poured from the air onto the deck in steady streams. At one glance, it seemed extremely unsightly. Meanwhile, the golden-masked man in the sky calmly pulled the helicopter lift lever and raised the helicopter’s altitude… As the helicopter flew higher and higher, the men dressed in black, dead or injured, went further and further away from the deck. Gradually, they were out of the range of the sniping rifles. Seeing that those people were taking off higher and higher, Stanely immediately put his rifle away until

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