Chapter 1005

The moment they appeared, all the panic in Xyla Quest’s heart disappeared. In its place, Xyla only felt an endless sense of security. Amid the gunfire, they quickly came to Xyla’s side, standing in front of her and Daisy Cox. People said that, in times of trouble, true love could be observed. In this life-and-death situation, the two brothers were willing to go against the tides for Xyla, blocking the wave of bullets from her. This really touched her. With a sniping rifle in hand, Stanley Batton started shooting at the group of men dressed in black. He looked at Josh Batton and gave an order. “Take them away first…” His tone was firm, leaving no space for discussion. The way Stanley fired his gun was very professional. While holding a gun, he looked even more handsome. He was just like the handsome protagonist who rescued the world in action movies. Stanley barely missed a shot. After firing twice, two men dressed in black were hit on the wrist. The next second, the guns in the

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