Chapter 999

When Elaine saw that Jacob was so decisive, she replied angrily, “Okay, you can no longer live with me anymore, right? Alright then. We can both be separated for two years first. After that, we can go to court and file for a divorce then.” After she was done speaking, Elaine snorted before she said, “But Jacob, let me tell you I advance that I am a very narrow-minded person. If I find out that you’re living a better and more comfortable life compared to me after our divorce, then I’ll definitely feel very uncomfortable!” “You should understand better than anyone else the kind of things that I’ll do when I feel uncomfortable. I’ll definitely make you feel even more uncomfortable than me! That is the only way that my heart can finally be balanced!” “In other words, if you dare to go out and find a vixen outside and secretly enjoy life with her in the future, then I will definitely destroy your good things! After that, I’ll pester you every day and I’ll also follow you around like a sh

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