Chapter 998

Charlie smiled before he said, “Don’t you know what kind of person Mom is by now? Even if she is really in pain right now, she’ll turn it into a momentary pain. At the same time, she will also turn a short-term pain into a long-term pain. Even if Dad is planning to divorce her, I am afraid it will not be that easy for him to do so.” Claire was taken aback at this time. She suddenly felt a little enlightened. Based on her mother’s temper and character, it would be very difficult for her father to get what he wanted even if he wanted to divorce her. As she thought about this, Claire suddenly realized that her mother was only putting on an act when she said that she did not want to continue living anymore. After that, she felt much more relieved. As soon as they drove the BMW into the villa, they could hear Elaine cursing out loud: “Jacob Wilson, you old b*stard! Don’t you have a conscience at all? I’ve already suffered so much because of you and you are still trying to divorce me?”

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