Chapter 991

When the heartless Max left Joey’s dormitory, he suddenly felt a little guilty towards him. He felt that even though people like Joey were really hateful, he was also very pitiful at the same time. He was an orphan with no father or mother. Moreover, he had not achieved anything in his life even after working hard for so many years. In the end, he had even found a girlfriend who was nothing but a shrewd woman. What would Joey feel if he found out that his girlfriend was actually enjoying sexual intimacy with another man when she scolded and cursed at him when he called her earlier? Moreover, Joey has just handed all of his assets over to Max. He even took up a loan of more than five hundred thousand dollars from loan sharks who practiced usury. In one weeks’ time, Joey would have to repay at least one million dollars for all of his loans. After a month, he would be owing them several millions in debt. When that time comes, he would certainly be very desperate with nowhere else

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