Chapter 990

Joey hurriedly replied, “We’ve known each other for three years and we’ve already been together for two years now.” Max asked again, “Then, how did you two meet each other?” Joey smiled before he said, “At that time, I wanted to join a company but I needed to ask someone to help me to do something so that I can get into the company. However, he wanted me to bring him two Treasurer Gold premium cigarettes.” “I found out that the Treasurer Gold cigarettes are really expensive. One of it would already cost a few hundred dollars and two of the Treasurer Gold premium cigarettes would already cost me more than one thousand dollars. Therefore, I decided to search online to see if I could find anyone selling it at a cheaper price. Who would have known that I would really find someone selling those cigarettes at a cheaper price! It was Janice! She sold her Treasurer Gold premium cigarettes for only two hundred dollars each!” Max could not help but feel extremely awkward after listening to J

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