Chapter 983

When Max heard that Charlie was going to donate one million dollars to the orphanage, he naturally did not believe it at all. He sneered before he said, “Charlie, you’re really good at bragging. You’re actually saying that you can donate one million dollars to the orphanage? You’re really trying hard to keep up your appearances to cover up your own predicament. Can you even afford to bring out a million dollars?” Charlie replied lightly, “Since I’ve said it, I’ll definitely honor my words. I won’t act like you and find a place to get into a car accident just to go back on my words!” When Max heard Charlie’s words, he knew that Charlie was deliberately ridiculing him. When he thought about the car crash earlier, he really hated Charlie to the core. If he had known that all of these would be happening, he would not have gone back on his words at all. It would have been better for him to donate his car. After all, it would be better for him compared to the situation now. Just look at

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