Chapter 982

He was originally planning to make one hundred thousand dollars. Unexpectedly, he had lost one hundred thousand dollars tonight instead. He had really made a big loss because of this meal! Max had the desire to die in his heart. He was initially doing quite well. He had bought a new Mercedes-Benz and he was pretending to look proper and decent. However, he really did not expect to lose so much money after meeting Charlie today. Therefore, he really could not wait to stab Charlie to death so he would be able to relieve his hatred. Charlie intended to provoke him even further at this time. Therefore, he poured him a glass of champagne as he held it out to Max before he smiled and said, “Come, Brother Max, let me give you a toast!” Max replied angrily, “I don’t want to drink with you!” Charlie smiled before he said, “Don’t be so angry. After all, you paid for this champagne with your own money too. Don’t you think that it would be a waste if you don’t drink it?” Max trembled with an

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