Chapter 959

Mrs. Lewis hurriedly interjected, “Max, I can understand your kind intention, but we don’t have to go to such a high-end place just to celebrate my recovery. It’s too expensive!” She continued, “Besides, it’s just a meal. I can cook for you guys, let’s just eat in the orphanage. This way, you can save your money for other purposes. Don’t spend it on me, it’s not worth it…” She had been thrifty and frugal her entire life that she had never been to such a luxurious place before. Moreover, she would feel awkward and uneasy to dine at a place that would cost so much money. However, Max smiled and said, “Mrs. Lewis, please don’t say that. You literally brought us up, it’s about time for us to repay your favor. Besides, I’m not the only one to cover the bill, I’ll share it with them!” Seeing Mrs. Lewis’s hesitation, he persuaded, “Mrs. Lewis, don’t worry, it won’t be too expensive. The Hyatt Hotel is my company’s client, I can get some discounts on my visit, so it will cost them only a f

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