Chapter 958

At this moment, as Stephanie locked her gaze on Claire, there was a dash of jealousy and anguish in her eyes. She had liked Charlie ever since she was a child and always dreamed of being Charlie’s bride. She hadn’t forgotten this dream, but from the looks of it, her dream could never come true. That was why she envied Claire even more. In her opinion, Claire was the happiest woman in the world because she had married the best man in the world. Mrs. Lewis smiled gently and said, “Yes, building your career is important, but so is family. It’s better to have a baby when you are young, as it will affect your health otherwise.” Claire nodded, her blushing face as red as an apple. Stephanie then said apologetically, “Mrs. Lewis, the owner of the restaurant just called, he said that there was a problem with their electricity in the restaurant, so they had to close for business today. Looks like we have to find another place to eat.” Mrs. Lewis said with a motherly smile, “It doesn’t mat

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