Chapter 933

Although Matilda was blushing at this time, she accepted the microphone openly before she smiled and said, “Don’t misunderstand us. Both of us are just singing a song together. If anyone else wants to sing with me, I will also be very willing to accompany you and sing with you then.” William could not help but feel a little upset. He felt that as a married person, how could Jacob openly invite his goddess to sing a love song together with him? However, when he thought about the fact that Jacob’s son-in-law could actually make Oscar take them so seriously, he quickly swallowed the words before he could say anything. Jacob had a very excited smile on his face. At this time, he could feel his heart surging and beating frantically as he secretly glanced at Matilda. At this time, Matilda accidentally locked eyes with Jacob. When she saw the unconcealed obsession that he had for her in his eyes, Matilda could not stop herself from blushing. The prelude to the song has already started at

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