Chapter 932

The cab driver hurriedly drove toward the Silverwing Hospital. Charlie who was sitting in the co-driver seat said to Elaine, “Mom, I have already called Claire. She is already rushing to the Silverwing Hospital now. We will get the doctor to check out your leg as soon as possible.” Elaine snorted bitterly before she turned her head around to look out of the window angrily. After that, she said enigmatically, “It is really unlucky for me to have a useless son-in-law like you who is always causing me all sorts of trouble!” Charlie deliberately asked, “Mom, what do you mean by your words? When did I cause you any trouble again?” Elaine glared at him through the rearview mirror before she said coldly, “Don’t ask me anything! Think for yourself! I will not say anything even if you ask me!” Elaine has already been warned by the police officers many times and she did not dare to lose her temper at Charlie directly. Therefore, she could only get angry at Charlie using this kind of obscure

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