Chapter 903

“William Pearson?!” Jacob turned into a green-eyed monster upon the mention of that name. William Pearson was from a wealthy family and was the head of the student council’s public relations back in college. Back then, he and Aaron Philips were Matilda’s suitors. However, she had no interest in him or Aaron, so his effort of winning Matilda’s heart was to no avail. When Jacob and Matilda were dating, William had always tried to get on Jacob’s nerves in order to impress Matilda. Later, William saw his chance when Matilda broke up with Jacob. He stepped on the accelerator and launched an overwhelming pursuit of her then, but she did not accept him and went to the States instead. William’s family was very wealthy and powerful at that time. Before he went to college, his father had already expanded his business to Hong Kong. Their family could be considered the first influential tycoon following Oskia’s economic reform. Due to his solid family background, he had gone after Matilda t

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