Chapter 902

Jacob had already had a conditioned reflex to grab red envelopes. Therefore, he subconsciously clicked on the red envelope and he was surprised to discover that he had actually received two hundred dollars from the red envelope! At this time, Jacob also found out that his other classmates had also received two hundred dollars each. It seemed as though this person was giving everyone two hundred dollars each! Jacob was initially when he realized that he suddenly had an extra two hundred dollars! However when he saw that the other party’s nickname was ‘I miss the beautiful Matilda’, the expression on Jacob’s face darkened immediately! At this time, all of the classmates in the group were already exploding in excitement. “Oh my. Thank you, boss!” “Yes! Thank you so much, Mr. Pearson! You’re really very generous to give everyone a two-hundred-dollar red envelope just like that! You’re really one of a kind.” “I’ve already heard that Mr. Pearson has been making a lot of money over the

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