Chapter 886

After all of them had walked away, Claire closed the door before she asked Charlie, “The feelings between Aunt Hall and my father are too obvious. Do you think that my dad will cheat…” Charlie replied seriously, “I’m certain that Aunt Hall isn’t that kind of person. She is the kind of person who adheres very closely to principles. Even if she is really in love with Dad, she’d definitely wait until Dad and Mom are already divorced before she starts a relationship with him.” Claire rebuked him angrily, “What nonsense are you talking about? Why would Dad even divorce Mom?” Charlie knew that Claire would definitely not be able to accept it. Therefore, he did not continue discussing this matter with her in depth. After looking at the time on his watch, Charlie said, “My dear wife, you should stay at home and rest well tonight. Don’t go out to look for your mother anymore. I will try asking some of my friends to see if they will be able to help me out at all.” Claire nodded slightly befo

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