Chapter 885

Since Matilda’s cooking skills were so amazing, everyone really enjoyed the meal tonight. Although Claire was somewhat dissatisfied with Matilda and felt a little repulsed by her, she did not have the ability to resist her delicious cooking at all. She would usually pay close attention to her diet but she actually ate three times the usual amount of food that she usually ate tonight. This was also the same case for Charlie and his father-in-law, Jacob. Both of them ate to their heart’s content and they finished up almost all of the food on the table. After he was done with his meal, Jacob secretly put his hand under the table to loosen his belt so that he could temporarily relieve his bulging stomach. At the same time, Jacob could not help but secretly thought to himself: “Matilda is really the most perfect woman in every aspect. It would be great if I could really divorce Elaine and get together with Matilda instead. I’d definitely be ascending from the eighteenth level of hell

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