Chapter 845

When Claire heard that her father wanted her to accompany him to meet up with his first love, Claire refused directly without any hesitation at all. “I am not going!” Jacob spread out his hands before he said, “Then, don’t stop Charlie from going with me. No matter what it is, one of you has to come with me today.” “You…” Claire was furious and she asked, “Is it more important for you to have a meal with your old classmate or is it more important for us to find mom? Dad, can’t you differentiate which is more important to you right now?” Jacob blurted out, “Of course, I can differentiate it very clearly! Of course, it is much more important for me to have a meal with my old classmate!” “You…” Although Claire usually had a very good temper, she was about to blow up and explode in anger at this time. Jacob replied indifferently, “Claire, you have to understand one thing. This world does not revolve around your mother alone. There are four people in this family. Your mother and I hav

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