Chapter 844

Jacob, who was upstairs on the third floor was living in sharp contrast to Charlie. He was so excited that he could not even fall asleep at all that night. He could not stop thinking about the past that he shared with Matilda and all of their good memories kept flashing back and forth in his mind. He was completely immersed in the memories that he shared with Matilda. The more he thought about Matilda, the more he looked forward to seeing her again. Early the next morning, Jacob who had not slept for the whole night was very energetic and he was in extremely good spirits. He was happily smiling from ear to ear at this time. He got up early to wash up and he shaved his beard clean without leaving even a single stubble behind. After that, he combed his gray hair before he sprayed some styling spray on his hair. After that, he looked inside his cabinet before he looked for the high-end luxurious suit that he had always felt very unwilling to wear. This suit was specially made in Hon

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