Chapter 837

Elaine felt seriously wronged as she laid on bed. She had not eaten anything for more than twelve hours now and she had endured a severe and violent beating. She was already starving at this point. Even if she could live without eating or drinking anything, she could not stop her stomach from growling or making any noise! However, Elaine did not dare to offend Jennifer. After all, this stinky woman would hit and beat her really hard. Elaine thought that everything would be okay if she simply covered her head with her blanket and tried to fall asleep instead. Who would have expected her unsatisfied belly to grumble at a moment like this? Jennifer stood up immediately before she stomped toward Elaine and greeted her with a tight slap across her face. Elaine felt that her extremely swollen cheeks were already exploding in pain after this slap from Jennifer. Elaine could only plead desperately, “I am sorry. I am sorry. I didn't mean to do it…” Since she had already lost her two fron

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