Chapter 836

”Yes!” Jacob replied excitedly, “The main point is that her husband is already dead! Hahaha! Don’t you think that god is helping me too?” Charlie nodded slightly before he said, “But dad, mom is not dead…” The expression on Jacob’s face changed before he said embarrassingly, “Don’t get me wrong. I am not cursing or hoping for her to be dead!” As he spoke, Jacob sighed before he said, “Don’t you think that it would be great if Elaine really eloped with another man, just like Hannah did?” Charlie shook his head helplessly. He was afraid that Jacob’s heart had already been fully occupied by Matilda who was about to return to Oskia soon. All the feelings that Jacob had left for Elaine had already completely disappeared. Charlie could only sigh as he said. “If Claire can accept mom’s disappearance as an elopement with someone else, then that would be perfect.” If Claire had the same attitude as Jacob did, then Charlie would just let Elaine disappear from the face of this world. For s

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