Chapter 792

Lady Wilson snorted coldly before she said, “If I don’t repay the bank that money, I will be taken away and locked up in prison directly! Don’t forget that I am the corporate legal representative for Wilson Group! I am also the person who will be held responsible for the debts of the company!” Christopher hurriedly said, “Then you should at least keep one or two hundred thousand dollars for the family so that we can still sustain ourselves for a short while! I can’t even afford to smoke a pack of cigarettes that is fifty dollars now!” “You still want to smoke cigarettes?” Lady Wilson replied sharply, “It would already be great if you have food to eat and you’re still thinking about smoking?” Christopher held back the anger that he was feeling and he could not help but sigh as he said, “Mom, I’m already old so I can still tolerate it. However, Harold and Wendy are still young! They have not suffered much in the past so we can’t let them suffer now!” Lady Wilson snorted coldly, “I do

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