Chapter 791

After the farce ended, neither Jacob nor Elaine benefited from it at all. All that Elaine wanted was money, but she did not even get anything in the end. Therefore, she could not help but feel a little depressed the entire day. After the family of four returned home from the villa, they started packing up all of their own belongings. Claire also did not forget to call Loreen to inform her that they would be moving into the villa tomorrow. She had asked Loreen to check out of the hotel and move into the villa together with them. Loreen was very happy when she heard the news. Ever since she fell in love with Charlie, she had always been looking for various opportunities to try to get to know Charlie better. However, she had been very busy with her own work and she also had to take Claire’s feelings into consideration. Therefore, she did not have any opportunities to spend more time with Charlie at all. If she could move into the villa and live with Charlie and Claire, then she would

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