Chapter 78

Raymond stomped his feet furiously. “He’s your father-in-law, isn’t he?” Charlie nodded. “Yes, he is my father-in-law, but he’s the one who broke it, not me. You go and look for whoever is responsible for the broken vase. ‘Find the real perpetrator, don’t involve their family’—have you heard of that saying before?” Raymond’s blood was boiling, but he pondered upon what Charlie had said and figured that he was right. If the news of him asking compensation from innocent people spread out, then Vintage Deluxe’s reputation would be tarnished. Hence, he urged his men standing at the side, “You, go and get the old man back here!” Charlie curled his lips into a silent smirk as he watched the guys chasing after the old man in a hurry. Actually, he could simply swipe his card and get it over with, but it would be too easy for his shameless father-in-law then, wouldn’t it? It would be better to let the old man suffer and learn his lesson rather than cleaning his a*s for him. Otherwise, he

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