Chapter 77

After lunch, Jacob, Charlie’s father-in-law, was already dressed up neatly and urging Charlie, “Hey, hurry up and get ready, we’re going to drive in our new car and go to Antique Street. A shop there has imported a Tang Dynasty kiln vase and I want to check it out.” Charlie persuaded, “Dad, you’re starting with the antique thing again? We don’t have much money and it’s a lavish hobby to have right now.” Jacob didn’t have money-earning skills but he dreamed a lot about get-rich-quick schemes. He loved hanging out at Antique Street for the hope of getting a rare piece of antiquity at a low price but in the past few years, the experiences he gained were nothing but scams and deceit. He had stopped for a while but now, not only did he pick up the hobby again but he also started to get itchy hands again. Jacob was annoyed by Charlie’s goodwill remark. He snorted in disdain and said, “Stop your nonsense, just drive me there now.” Charlie was helpless but he could not disobey his father-

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