Chapter 758

“Alright, I’ll take a shower.” *** Meanwhile, as Charlie and Claire lay on the bed preparing to sleep, a heavy-lift helicopter flew by the Sudbury sky, soaring loudly. After spending two hours on the helicopter, Donald and Sean Webb finally arrived above the exclusive mansion in Sudbury. All the Webb family members were waiting on the big lawn of the mansion including Kian and his mother who were waiting by the side of the lawn. They already knew about the unfortunate incident in Aurous Hill and were eager to greet and comfort them. As the helicopter slowly descended, warm tears drenched Donald and Sean’s eyes as they saw their family waiting on the ground. The incidents that had happened in Aurous Hill were like purgatory which caused great suffering and misery to both of them. They were filled with relief and warmth now that they had finally returned home! As the helicopter landed and the door opened, the servants hurriedly rushed forward to help Donald, Sean, Johnny, and

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