Chapter 757

Seeing that Jacob was hesitating, Elaine hurriedly shifted into a flattering mode and said, “Dear, we can still earn money! Claire’s company is starting to grow, so when her business starts to make money, she will give you all her money for safekeeping, and you will be the financial power of our family, okay?” Jacob started to feel a little relieved when he heard the idea. He figured that since he couldn’t be in the upper hand now, it would end up bad if he bumped his head against her, hence, the better option right now was to compromise and accept the proposed solution. Elaine, on the other hand, was thinking, ‘Jacob Wilson, you’ll never be able to escape my grip! I put you in charge of the family’s finances because we don’t have any money now, you are nothing but a puppet. When we have money in the future, I will snatch the power back!’ She was extremely delighted as she thought of it, so she started, “Dear, you are the best! I’ll cook tomorrow and make your favorite braised praw

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