Chapter 722

But who would know whether they were telling the truth or lying? Albert was a little annoyed by now. He slapped Johnny in frustration and shouted, “Just shut up, will you?! If I hear another whimper, I’ll carve a William Shakespeare play on your whole body!” The slap was so hard, Johnny’s eyes were blank for a short moment. He didn’t dare to blurt another word now, so he cried while enduring the sharp blade dancing on his face. He could feel the sensation of the blade cutting through the skin on his forehead and touching the skin. The immerse pain made him almost faint and the blood was constantly dripping from his forehead that he couldn’t open his eyes. He regretted everything he did today. If he had known what kind of a miserable ending that he would suffer, he would not have agreed to kill Albert regardless of how much Donald gave him… Unfortunately, there was no such thing in the world as a rewind button… At this moment, Donald’s five bodyguards became the human-sized billbo

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