Chapter 721

After Johnny kept quiet, Albert dragged the third guy who had volunteered and asked, “Master Wade, what about this one?” “Sean Webb is a butt bandit.” Albert nodded. He relaxed his hand and started carving the six words on the man’s face. Then, it was the fourth guy’s turn. “Master Wade, this time, it’s seven words.” “Hmm… ‘Donald Webb is pathetically weak in bed.’” Albert couldn’t help but chuckle and said, “Master Wade, why can’t we be more direct? Just say he is impotent or has erectile dysfunction.” Charlie waved his hand. “It’s very sensitive, we can’t speak of it so directly, the girls will blush when they see it.” Very quickly, Albert was done with his artwork. The last one left was Johnny. Johnny stared in fear at his brothers and their bloody faces. He was a very proud and arrogant man. His unfathomable strength and power made him think that he was the strongest guy in the world and it slowly became his facade. However, he dared not blurt a word at this moment, oth

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