Chapter 712

Johnny was completely disabled right now. The bones of both his shoulders had been completely shattered, the flesh and tissues were smashed into puddles of mud, and if he went to the hospital right now, the only solution was amputation. He would not be able to even wipe his own a*s! It would be a living hell! No, he didn’t want to live like that for the rest of his life! Marcus finally saw the bigger picture after his father’s slap and scolding. It was useless for him to keep up with his arrogant attitude towards Charlie now. A man as brawny and powerful as Johnny, who had defeated Don Albert’s men like they were a bunch of lifeless dogs, went down easily in defeat. Even if he threatened Charlie with a knife against Jacob’s throat, he was positive that Charlie could kill him without hurting Jacob. Hence, his father was very wise! He knelt down with a loud thump and cried, “Master Wade, I’m sorry, please forgive me… My dad and I came here today because Sean Webb forced us to! Look

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