Chapter 711

Johnny was partially disabled now and his whole body was in such terrible pain that all courage and strength dissipated from his body completely! He glanced at Charlie in despair and all his victims started to flash in his mind. Would he also follow his victims’ footsteps tonight? Would he be crushed and killed by a skillful hitman who was much stronger than he was?! Johnny was immensely terrified right now! Indeed, he was strong, but it didn’t mean that he was not afraid to die. It was the exact opposite. The more he killed, the more he cherished life. He wanted to stay alive and live comfortably! This was why he worked under the Webb family as their hitman. He would kill all the family’s enemies under their command and in exchange, he would receive a large sum of reward. After living a lavish and comfortable life for so many years, he felt that life was too good to give up right now, so he could not accept the fate of dying tonight. He cried and begged, “Master Wade, your

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