Chapter 693

When everyone in the room heard that Chester had actually booked a Gold Room upstairs, they were all shocked! The Heaven Springs was one of the top restaurants in the entire Aurous Hill. Even some of the savvy and prestigious figures from the upper class society in Aurous Hill hardly had the opportunity to book a Gold Room even if they spent a lot of money or made use of the connections that they had to do so. Among everyone present here tonight, even Mr. Bay who had the highest status had never had the chance to enter the Gold Room for dinner. They had never been able to step into the Gold Room to see how luxurious it was. Now, Chester was actually offering to entertain all of his guests in the Gold Room at The Heaven Springs tonight. All of the guests in the room were in fact very surprised and excited when they heard that they would have the opportunity to go in and see the Gold Room for themselves! In comparison, Jacob’s small Bronze Room was now completely incomparable to the

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