Chapter 692

“Chester Scotson?” Jacob could not help but frown as he asked, “Are you talking about that old man who likes to brag to the point that he doesn’t even remember his last name just because he has a little money?” Morgan nodded before he said, “Yes. My support for you alone won’t be enough. When the other guests arrive later, you’ll have to try to win the support of the president and the other directors. That way, you might actually have a chance to defeat Chester in the internal voting and become the executive director instead. Do you understand what I’m saying?” Jacob nodded hurriedly as he said sincerely, “Brother Morgan, thank you for your sincere advice. You’re really inspiring! Thank you so much!” Morgan smiled slightly before he said, “Brother, why are you being so polite with me?” After that, Morgan glanced at the time on his watch before he said, “The chairman and the rest of the guests will also be here soon. Let’s wait for them at the door. That way, it will seem that you a

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