Chapter 686

Donald was too embarrassed to tell Isaac that someone had broken his son’s wrist. Therefore, he simply said, “He has to go out to do something. He will come over here later. I will bring him over here to visit you when he comes later!” Isaac nodded slightly before he said, “Okay then. Why don’t I arrange for someone to take you to your presidential suite now so that you can rest first? When your son returns in the evening, we can have dinner together. I will be your host and pick you up for dinner tonight.” Donald was overjoyed and he hurriedly said, “Alright then, Mr. Cameron.” He felt that even though he had simply been acquaintances with Isaac in the past, now that Isaac has already accepted his gift after his visit here today, this was equivalent to him getting one step closer to the Wade family. This was what Donald really desired. As the spokesperson of the Wade family in Aurous Hill, Isaac was a stepping stone that Donald could use to secure his future. As long as he could

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