Chapter 685

Isaac did not know of the conflicts between Donald and Charlie. As soon as he heard that Donald was here to visit him, he was very respectful and polite as he did not dare to neglect him. Although he was the spokesperson for the Wade family in Aurous Hill, the other party was none other than the eldest son of the top family in the South Region after all. Since Donald has already taken the initiative to come and visit him, Isaac felt that he should also entertain him in a very polite and respectful manner. Therefore, he hurriedly said, “Please ask Mr. Webb to come to my office now.” The receptionist did not dare to act slowly and she quickly said to Donald, “Mr. Webb, our chairman, Mr. Cameron, invites you to stop by his office. Please come with me.” Donald nodded slightly before he followed the receptionist as she brought him to take the chairman’s exclusive elevator to Isaac’s office. As Donald was the eldest son of the Webb family, he naturally had to live in the best hotel if h

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