Chapter 681

Donald stared blankly at Charlie as he swallowed the Rejuvenating Pill and he suddenly became very angry! It was only then that he realized that Charlie was only messing with him from the very beginning to the end! He had never intended to sell the Rejuvenating Pill to him! Charlie was simply trying to embarrass both the father and son in public! Moreover, Donald really could not believe that he was naïve enough to believe that Charlie would be touched just because of the one billion dollars that he had quoted him. How could he believe that Charlie would agree to sell the Rejuvenating Pill to him just because he had apologized to him? Donald was really furious and frustrated when he realized that Charlie had been playing around with him. Besides that, Charlie had even broken his son’s hand! Donald stood up immediately before he shouted, “Charlie! I won’t call myself a man anymore if I don’t kill you today!” After that, Donald took out his cell phone as he called his bodyguards fo

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