Chapter 680

This was really tricky! He really did not know about their relationship prior to this! Donald had simply thought that Anthony was nothing more than a well-known and reputable doctor in the country. Since he could not beat him up, then he could only smash and destroy his clinic to exert a little pressure and force the genius doctor to finally agree to see and treat his youngest son. He really did not expect to cause more trouble for himself. However, Donald was very eager to get his hand on the Rejuvenating Pill. At this time, Donald could only turn around as he pointed his finger at his son, Sean, who was kneeling down beside him at this time. After that, he said indignantly, “Hey! This is all my son’s fault! He is very impulsive and ill-mannered. I’m sorry that I did not teach my son well!” Sean could not help but twitch slightly at this time. He really did not expect that he would have to bear the responsibility for his father’s action at this time. Even though he was very ang

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