Chapter 674

Jasmine looked at Charlie with gratitude in her eyes and the feelings that she had for him increased intensely again! She felt that she would never be able to repay Charlie’s kindness towards herself even if she willingly gave her life to him! When Reuben heard this, he felt very angry inside. He was very annoyed! He blamed and hated Charlie for being so nosy! He blamed Charlie for renewing and prolonging Lord Moore’s life! He even blamed Charlie for giving all the credit to Jasmine! However, he did not dare to display even the slightest resentment that he was feeling deep within his heart and he could only subdue the murderous intent that he was feeling inside. At this time, Lord Moore nodded repeatedly as he replied sincerely, “Yes! I will always keep Master Wade’s instructions to heart!” After that, Lord Moore kowtowed in front of Charlie again to express his gratitude and thanks to him. Charlie had the opportunity to stop Lord Moore from kneeling down and kowtowing to him

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