Chapter 673

No one at the scene would have expected Donald, who was scolding Charlie and pressuring Lord Moore to give him an explanation earlier, to suddenly change so quickly. Even Sean himself was stunned at this time! He blurted out subconsciously as he asked, “Dad! Why are you being so polite towards a casual and useless son-in-law such as him? Don’t forget that he called our family garbage when we were outside just now!” At this time, Donald blurted out, “B*stard! You’d better shut up now!” There were so many things that Donald could not say in front of everyone here. However, he was already roaring in his heart. You b*stard! What would you know? Sean was still young and his body was at its peak as he was still in his twenties. That was the reason why he could sing songs every night, party and drink, go to bed at three o’clock in the morning, wake up at nine o’clock in the morning, or even stay up all night. However, he could not do that anymore! Sean’s current physical state was typ

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