Chapter 66

Claire frowned in confusion. Was this where Charlie had booked their anniversary dinner tonight? She couldn’t help but ask suspiciously, “You’re not bluffing, are you?” Charlie chuckled gleefully. “Of course, not!” Then, he continued, “I made a reservation a few days ago. Let’s go in and check if you don’t believe me.” Claire shook her head. Charlie had never once deceived her after being married for three years, especially not on such an important day as today. So she said, “Nah, I believe you.” She tilted her head curiously and asked, “Did you reserve the seat in the Sky Garden? There’s some VIP guy who booked the whole place for today, right?” Charlie quickly explained, “The seat I reserved is next to the Sky Garden, it happens to have a view of the inside of the garden. We can peep to see who on earth booked the place later! What do you think?” Claire giggled. “I’m not such a busybody like you are!” Then, they walked into Shangri-La Hotel. As when they were waiting for the

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