Chapter 65

Claire was very curious about the series of strange events that had happened today. First was the car racing incident. Why was Charlie’s BMW 520 twice as fast as Clinton’s 540? Second, the ancient painting that was worth hundreds of thousands of dollars! Third, how and why did Charlie know the people of the underworld? Not to mention how polite and respectful they were towards him. On their way home, Charlie provided some explanation about the whole string of events. Firstly, the BMW 520 was a test drive car that was modified by the showroom in order to make buyers mistakenly believe that the model was very powerful. Claire didn’t know much about cars, so she believed him. Secondly, he explained about the painting when they were at the restaurant. He had bought it at a low price from an acquaintance out of courtesy and he gave it to Douglas as a gift as a token of affection. However, the matter about Scarface was a bit tricky. He had to find a solid and believable explanation t

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