Chapter 651

In the car. Jasmine drove as she spoke to Charlie, “Master Wade, my grandpa has been talking about you for a few days now. He was afraid that you would not have the time to come and attend his birthday banquet. I believe that he will definitely be very happy to see you!” Charlie smiled slightly before he said, “Since I have already promised you that I will be coming to attend the birthday banquet, why would I break my promise to you?” “Mm!” Jasmine nodded happily before she said, “I think that the person my grandpa wants to meet the most today is you.” As she spoke, Jasmine could not help but sigh as she said, “I do not know what is going on with my grandpa. He has been talking about you continuously over the past few days ever since he went to see the genius doctor, Dr. Simmons, a few days ago. He also told me in secret that his greatest wish is to see you at his birthday banquet today.” Charlie was stunned for a moment before he chuckled lightly. He knew the reason why Lord Moo

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