Chapter 650

Charlie smiled slightly before he said, “Thank you for coming all the way here to pick me up today.” Jasmine hurriedly replied, “Yes, this is my responsibility. After all, it is the Moore family’s honor that you are able to attend my grandfather’s birthday banquet today.” As she spoke, Jasmine hurriedly trotted two steps forward as she took the initiative to open the door of the co-driver seat before she bowed slightly and made a gesture at Charlie as she blushed and said, “Master Wade, please get into the car.” Charlie nodded before he got into the car directly without being courteous or polite to Jasmine at all. If anyone saw Jasmine, the famous and prestigious young lady of the Moore family, personally taking the initiative to open the car door for a young man, they would be so shocked that their jaw would be hanging out in the open. However, no matter which aspect it was from, Charlie felt that it was only natural for him to be worthy of Jasmine’s act of opening the car door f

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