Chapter 646

Claire came out of the bedroom as she stretched her waist and asked Charlie, “Do you have something on today?” Charlie replied, “I am going to attend a friend’s birthday party later at noon.” After that, Charlie asked Claire, “Wife, did you need something?” Claire nodded slightly before she said, “Yes, I wanted to do some shopping, but if you’re busy, you can go ahead and do your own thing! I will ask Loreen to accompany me.” Charlie replied, “Sorry, my dear wife. You can go shopping with Loreen today. I will accompany you some other day.” Claire smiled slightly as she said, “Okay, then.” Charlie’s mother-in-law, Elaine, had a very black face as she said, “Oh, Charlie, are you going to attend your friend’s birthday party? Is he old?” Charlie nodded as he said, “Yes, he is eighty years old.” Elaine sneered before she said, “Are you trying to use your set of silly skills to try and fool those old men so that you can cheat them out of all their money?” Charlie simply replied, “I

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