Chapter 645

Sean truly felt like dying at this very moment. He would never have dreamt that the broken bracelet on Jasmine’s wrist would turn out to be a relic left behind by her mother… Moreover, he had even said that the relic left behind by her mother was nothing more than a piece of garbage… This was a complete disaster! Jasmine was already originally cold and indifferent toward him. Therefore, he was initially planning to rely on this bracelet to earn himself some points. Unexpectedly, he had only dug his own grave… This time, his score in Jasmine’s mind had probably been reduced to a negative score. At this time, Donald, who had been standing not too far away, could not help but feel a little puzzled as he stared at his son who was left standing all alone in a daze. Didn’t his son go over to give Jasmine the gift just now? Jasmine must have been very happy to receive such an expensive gift. If so, why did Jasmine drive away in such haste? As he had some doubts in his heart, Donald

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