Chapter 613

While Christopher indulged in his imagination, thinking about how to make Elaine his long-term cash withdrawal machine, Lady Wilson walked in from the outside with a gloomy expression. Christopher jumped from his seat and greeted, “Mom, you’re home! How’s everything?” Lady Wilson huffed indignantly and said, “The bank will soon start the bankruptcy liquidation process, they said that it will start next Monday. Once the process starts, they will seize this house. Where is the eight million that you promised? Why haven’t you transferred it to me yet?!” Christopher chuckled pretentiously. “Mom, stop rushing me. Didn’t I tell you that the money is stuck in the fixed deposit account? My fund manager is trying to withdraw it as soon as possible. I promised that I’ll give you the money, just be patient.” If possible, he didn’t want to give his mother even a penny. However, something changed his mind. He depended on Lady Wilson to inherit the anonymous assets that Lady Wilson had hidden a

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