Chapter 612

Charlie smiled at him. After finding out that Claire and Elaine were not in the living room, he asked, “Have Claire and Mom returned?” “No and yes,” Jacob gestured indifferently and said, “Your mom went into the room as soon as she came home, saying that she was not feeling well. I wonder what’s wrong with her, she must have lost money playing mahjong and is heartbroken!” Charlie nodded and asked attentively, “Dad, don’t you want to check on her? Just in case?” “Argh, forget it.” Jacob gestured, unconcerned. “She only knows playing mahjong and nothing else, I’m sick of it. Even if she loses, it’s only about several thousand, just leave her be. She’ll know how to slow down after crying for two days!” Charlie tried to stifle his laugh. Several thousand? Dad, you should multiply that by eight thousand! Your wife has lost more than sixty million today! Now that he thought about it, he couldn’t help but sigh at Elaine’s stupidity. She had lost more than sixty million in a mahjong ga

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